Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tetris 4

I started to not even write about this quilt, because after 3 tetris quilts in a row, you are surely sick of seeing them. But it's my blog and if I have to make 3 tetris quilts in a row, you have to look at 3 tetris quilts in a row.

Yes, I am a little tired of making tetris quilts - how did you know?

At least this one includes some color changes:

Which background do you like better? I prefer the gray & Mandy prefers the black. But I love the aqua and violet instead of pink and purple.

I think the back is interesting:

I loved the process for it. I bought yardage of the background, which is gray with black polka dots, but needed it to be just a tad longer. And I had all these solid scraps that were about 3 or 4" x 8" from making the tetris blocks. I just started sewing them together, thinking I'd just do a strip of them all the way across, but that seemed so boring. Then I thought of my dresden ruler and started cutting out wedges, but I didn't want to make enough wedges to go all the way across the quilt, so I settled on these framed squares. I'm really liking them - they look almost improv. The closest I'm going to get to improv anyway.

Ask me how I lined the back up so well - see how the quilting lines almost perfectly line up with the squares on the back - ask me how I did that - go ahead ...

I don't have a clue. I just laid it out to baste like I lay every other quilt out to baste and it just happened. But I'm glad it did!

I got started quilting my Strawberry Fields top from a couple of years ago, so I'm back on that now.

A very tedious method of quilting, but at least I have help.

I don't let him help when I'm working on customer quilts, but this one is for family.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pam Kitty scraps

When I made my daughter's quilt out of Pam Kitty, I saved every tiny piece of fabric left over in a ziploc bag separate from my other scraps. This has been one of my favorite fabric lines and I just couldn't bear to mix it in with everything.

This weekend found me unable to progress on the tetris quilt I was working on since I had to re-order a blue that just didn't play well. Obviously, the only thing to do is start a whole new project - switching over to another WIP is completely illogical, as is quilting one of the 4 quilt tops or the table runner I have completed. I obviously prefer piecing to quilting.

So I made some granny square blocks, and wow, am I loving these!

These are a sampling - I have 16. As luck would have it, my friend, Mandy, ordered some of the Pam Kitty plaid that she didn't end up using, so I'm going to get that from her for either a border or the binding, maybe both.

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