Friday, February 13, 2015

The well behaved quilt

You know how something always goes wrong when you're making a quilt? Either the seams are hard to match, or there's a pucker during the quilting, or you run out of a needed print - something always goes wrong.

Somehow, nothing did with this one. It all came together so very smoothly.

Even this - check this out:

The solid I'm using is Petunia by Kona. It's a violet that is so light it's almost pink. Almost. Have you ever tried to find almost pink violet thread? It doesn't exist in Chattanooga, so I can save you some time there. But then I remembered a chart I had downloaded from Pile O Fabric that matches Kona colors to Aurofil colors. You can download yours here. And you should - you just never know, and what wonderful information to have! I ordered Aurofil Light Orchid from her chart and I just couldn't believe how perfect it was.

So I'm calling this my well behaved quilt. The prints used are Waterfront Park by Michael Miller. And it's bound with a print from that line.

The back is simply more Kona, some charcoal, some black, and one little strip of the Petunia. The backing actually altered my quilting plan. I was going to go with vertical straight lines all the way across. My friend Mandy wanted me to echo the chevron shapes, but I just did not want all the stopping and the pivoting and the rearranging - I wanted it to be so much easier. But as I laid the backing down to start basting, I pictured how much nicer it would look with zig zag quilting lines and I just had to do it.

Such the right choice.

The batting is warm & natural, my typical batting. The measurements are 61" x 87". And it's available in my shop.

I'll be linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for her Finish it Friday post, assuming she does that today. Have a wonderful weekend, and stay warm!