Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day of real school

Today is my daughter's first day of real school. (She's had some pre-school). She wants to know where all the toys are, and that makes me a bit nervous. I know when I figured out just how little play time I had in kindergarten, I was pretty miffed. I felt like they pulled a bait and switch on me - showing me all the fun stuff and then making me sit in a chair and learn.

We were off to a resistant start:

But had a better attitude by the time to go:

She's a very social person, which is a bit sad for an only child, so I think being around other kids will make it all worthwhile for her.

So, did you notice the backpack peeking out from behind her? Would you like to see more? Of course you would.

I bought the pattern (from Fig Tree & Co.) at the beginning of the summer and spent the next few months wondering what fabric to use.

At some point I remembered having 3 half-yard pieces of Happy Flowers in yellow, and remembering how well it coordinated with bright pink.

I used a pretty heavy interfacing, but it's still a very lightweight and soft backpack. It's perfect for the 40 pound girl who is using it to haul a spare change of clothes and a water bottle, but it certainly wouldn't work for a teenager with a heavy load of textbooks.

I had wanted to find one of those plastic draw string push things, but couldn't find one large enough. Not sure whether I'll keep looking, or just replace the current tie with a cord small enough to go through the fastener I can find.

She likes it, and that's all that matters.

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