Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 10

It's day 10 of "the never ending conversation," otherwise known as Summer Break. I'm struggling to adapt to working, cleaning, grocery shopping, sewing, watching TV, and even peeing with a constant stream of talking and questions directed at me. My friend Mandy, the mother of two boys, didn't really understand when we first started hanging out. She loved having her boys home, playing, while she sewed. After enough time with my daughter, Mandy, she gave it a better description than even I could: "the talking and the talking and the talking." She probably was able to come up with a better description than I could because I'm the object of the talking and the talking and the talking and can no longer think.

But she's cute, and sweet, and becoming quite the quilt holder. Exhibit A:

I started this quilt maybe as long as 2 years ago and the finished center hourglass blocks sat in a drawer with the cut out centers of the border and the yellow and orange fabric. I've gotten a new-to-me urge to finish things instead of constantly starting new things, so I pulled it out the other night & finished the border in an embarrassingly short amount of time. The animals in the center of the border blocks...

are matched by the fabric in the center of the quilt:

I just love an hourglass block. They always turn out so well for me, yet they look difficult. But why do I always choose the spot with the stray thread to photograph? Are threads invisible until you take a picture of them?

Exhibit B is my granny square blocks:

If you've read my previous posts about this, you may remember that I had 16 blocks. When I went to lay this out, I discovered that I actually had 17 blocks. I was faced with the choice of making a square quilt, which isn't my favorite, and wasting a block, which is offensive, or making a smaller baby quilt and using 5 blocks to make myself a table runner.

A no-brainer. And also a lesson in how hard it is to photograph table runners.

My favorite block:

My hand quilting is so very bad. But I love the look so very much anyway.

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for her Finish it Friday series, otherwise known as my Friday night entertainment, because I'm wild like that.


  1. Your hand quilting isn't bad. Mine is a lot worse. Like your quilt.

  2. I think your quilting is lovely!!

  3. I think your quilting is lovely too - the whole effect is so pretty and there's no point it looking as if it was done by machine (except perhaps for personal satisfaction!):-)

  4. I don't think your hand quilting is bad at all. I rather like it. And yes, stray threads are invisible until you blow up the photo. Just like stray hairs in a snowflake or doily...