Friday, May 8, 2015

Another memory quilt

I mentioned in an earlier post that some things were changing for me this year, but I didn't go into details. It's a somewhat controversial topic, with everyone not only having an opinion, but seemingly feeling free to judge you if your opinion doesn't match theirs. We made the decision over Christmas break to homeschool our daughter. With this semester almost behind us, I'm feeling more sure than ever that it was the right decision. Not every child is made for the 7 hours at a desk lifestyle that traditional classrooms require. And not every child can take the medication that is required to force them into that environment. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

So my days are a little bit more full, and my time a little bit less my own. Honestly, it hasn't slowed my sewing down all that much, but the blogging has obviously taken a hit:) I think I've finished 4 quilts since my last blog post. The one I want to talk about today is maybe not the most attractive, but I think the most special of the group.

After the commissioned memory quilt I made, my husband mentioned a cousin, still struggling with the grief of losing her husband, and how she might be comforted by a memory quilt. I don't even know this cousin, other than reading her facebook posts, but without even thinking I said I'd make her one for free. She was delighted with the idea and sent me quite a selection of his shirts to make it from.

I used a Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorial to make the blocks. It's a pretty quick, easy, and fun way to make a block that I think is pretty darn cute. But the method - making a large block, cutting it in pieces, and rearranging the pieces to sew back together - isn't the most accurate way to piece. Where this is most noticeable in this block is the little pinwheel center. Sometimes it's a bit off.

But unless you're zoomed in on it, I don't think it ruins the overall block:

Amongst all the manly shirt blocks, I wanted there to be something pretty & floral. The quilt is for a woman after all, so I added a print from my stash that I thought coordinated with the overall feel, and liked it so much that I used it on the back as well.

And I offset the blocks in the rows because I love the shapes created in the negative space.

The background is Kona stone, and the binding is a stripe that coordinates with the backing. It's a nice, snuggly size for an adult - I think 55" x 65". I can't imagine the pain of losing your husband. I think this is a beautiful way to honor his memory and keep a part of him close to you. Despite the materials not being as pleasant to work with as designer quilting cotton, I think I'd like to do more of this for people.

I'm linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for her Finish it Friday. And now I'm going to get back to my machine while I have the chance for tonight I get to see my dear friend Mandy graduate from nursing school!! She did it, and I am over the top proud of her!!


  1. Such a loving quilt! It must be a great comfort!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  2. I love the "shirtlings" plus your floral thrown in there. You're right, it does tie it all together. My post today is a memory quilt for a friend who's son died. I didn't realize how special memory quilts can be until this last week when my friend said that she was sleeping with it because it gave her something tangible to snuggle as a reminder. Beautiful finish for you.

  3. I homeschooled my kids when health problems kept them put of school. Go for it! We even managed to fit the most awesome technology project into the curriculum, involving felting, dyeing and even creating natural dyes. Follow your convictions, and enjoy this time, its priceless.