Friday, January 22, 2016

Sparkle and Spin!!

I am so excited to share these quilts with you!! Last summer, my daughter (8) came to me wanting a more grown up quilt for her bed. She has a pink & green quilt featuring frogs, a pink and black one featuring dogs, and a Pam Kitty quilt that includes the panel fabrics of kitties in pretty dresses. Maybe it was time.

We searched and searched patterns, and both fell in love with Red Pepper Quilts hummingbird pattern. I loved her use of two fabrics per block, and the negative space involved - I loved everything about it, except the work involved. She used paper piecing to achieve her pattern, and her blocks were only 6". I hate all manner of paper piecing - I've tried multiple times, including non-paper paper piecing - I just don't enjoy it at all. Plus, I wanted larger blocks.

I messed around with every ruler I have and tried many different methods, trying to find a way to make this block without templates or paper piecing. I found it, and the only snag is that you're making two quilts at a time rather than one. But I love the 2nd quilt just as much as the first.

My work is your gain, because in the upcoming issue of McCall's quilting (March/April 2016), there is a pattern for these quilts using super easy cutting and piecing. No paper piecing, and while McCall's gives you a template, you could easily use a ruler to make the kite shape without their template. I had a couple of rulers that worked and I'm betting you do too.

How pretty is that!! Their picture of course. I'm no photographer. And here is the Sparkle quilt by itself:

I just love this quilt!! Before they left to be photographed, my daughter couldn't decide which she wanted for her bed. I can't wait to get them back home and have one of them on there! And the other for myself, of course:)

If you do decide to make one, I'd love to see it. You can contact me through the blog, or use the hashtags #Sparkle or #Spin on Instagram. As a bonus, McCall's has a coloring guide to be used with this design on their web-site.

I'm linking this up to Crazy Mom Quilts for her Finish it Friday series.


  1. Oh so cute. It Looks like spring is coming ;-)
    You are right., I like both, too.
    Wishes from dieStoeckeline

  2. The quilts are both super!
    I am with you on the paper piecing!!! blech! But here I am, considering it yet again,because I LOVE this quilt and can't figure out how to do it without paper (or paperless) piecing. : /

    happy sewing (sans paper)
    ~ Tracy

  3. Gorgeous quilts! I love the inverted colors with the soft greys. So pretty!

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