Monday, April 9, 2012

My hero

When I first saw Strawberry Fields, my interest in it was more for my sister-in-law than myself. She decorates with strawberries in her kitchen, and I knew I wanted placemats or a table runner for her.

I made her one this weekend with the largest of my scraps from my quilt. These were my largest pieces, and I could still only cut them 3 1/4", so you can imagine the size of the other ones I saved.

And as you can see, even with a piece this small, I still wasn't able to keep my colors separated. I just have a mental block - I can't seem to do scrappy!

I used Kona celery for the backing and size 20 crochet thread for the quilting.

Even though my hand quilting is so very far from perfect, or straight, or even good, I still love looking at it

And yes, Kim is my hero. I've been beyond blessed in the in-law department.

Thank you to everyone who commented on Strawberry Patch, the quilt top. Many very encouraging words!


  1. Your hand quilting is amazing!

  2. There's nothing like stitches made by hand! Lovely!

  3. Looks good. She should love it.

  4. Beautiful job on the quilting! I think that "random" and "scrappy" are extremely hard to do, but your runner came out great. I'm sure she will love it!

  5. this is so perfect...i love that fabric. A runner is such a great way to show off fabrics

  6. Scrappy and hand quilted are a perfect couple. Lovely work.