Friday, April 13, 2012

Quilts in Use II

This installment of Quilts in Use is brought to you by another stomach virus that hit our house at 4am. They just never hit in the daytime, do they?

Oh, and I made another pillowcase this week.

Figured I'd better show it to you now because after seeing what all came out of that child this morning, I'm feeling a strong urge to soak it in hot water and bleach. It may never look quite like this again. And how do sick kids always end up on our pillowcases anyway?

Here's a better shot of the quilt

I didn't so much like this quilt right after I made it. There was a good sized pucker along one of the stripes where I must not have gotten the fabric smoothed well while basting (I spray basted this one), and the squares got a little pulled out of shape in the quilting process because I didn't yet have a walking foot. But now, after I've been quilting a while, I'm pretty amazed that there were no other puckers in all that straight line quilting going in both directions, especially with no walking foot. Now I'm pretty impressed with it:)

Edited to add: She slept until about 9 am and has acted completely fine since, including eating a good lunch. Not sure what was up, but it's obviously not a virus. I'm glad for her and for us - it's date night!


  1. Oh dear. One word----Gravol.
    Your quilt is lovely and I hope it still is : )

    1. I had to look up the word Gravol, which makes me wonder where you're from - Canada? We had some Zofron, a prescription anti-nausea drug, from our last bought on hand, which is what brought on this lovely nap.

  2. It's good to hear she is feeling much better and enjoy your evening!