Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not what I should have been doing

Monday is my biggest sewing day here, and this Monday was no exception. What I *should* have done was baste Tommy's quilt, but we were all recovering from a stomach virus that hit our house last week - well, they were recovering from a virus. I was recovering from three days of laundry and just didn't want to crawl around on the floor basting a quilt. I wanted to sit upright and do something less taxing.

What I did instead was make some great progress on my neglected Salt Air Hopscotch blocks. I wouldn't describe this as quick and easy - not if you want those points to line up - but I'm just loving this pattern:

I am having better luck with my seams lining up - that would be an absolute kill joy to me if I kept having all the problems I was having with the first set.

Don't you just love the colors in Salt Air?

I'm linking up to Freshly Pieced for her WIP Wednesday. That's usually worth an hour every Wednesday, seeing what everyone is creating this week.


  1. love the pattern and the fabrics you use for it!

  2. This pattern is gorgeous! Beautiful fabric choices, too ;)

  3. The Hopscotch pattern was so wildly popular when it came out last year, a huge quilt along & on all the blogs, that I just didn't think to include a link to the pattern when I wrote this post. If anyone doesn't know, or doesn't recognize it because I am doing the diamond shapes differently, it's by Thimbleblossoms & here's the address:

  4. Very cool pattern! And i love the way you've made the center stars instead of just triangles and diamonds :)

  5. This looks fantastic! And you're right...piecing something feels much more enjoyable than basting.

  6. It looks great! The fabric you're using from the Salt air collection are some of my favorite, I love the way you've combined them!