Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The gray quilt

The gray quilt got finished and handed off to it's owner with only a couple of rainy days in between. So, I have only a few indoor shots of it to share.

Which is a shame because the quilting was soooo much better than my previous attempts. In fact, I wasn't even embarrassed by it!

I did a much better job of keeping my stitch lengths even and there was no eyelashing - of course, that might have been the extreme thickness of it. It has one layer of cotton batting, one layer of wool batting and is backed in flannel:

He's a long distance truck driver who sometimes sleeps in the cabin of his truck. He says he's had to seal with temperatures in the 20's before, so he wanted something extra warm. Hope this fits the bill.

So, I have to ask, does anyone else move their mouth from side to side while they free motion quilt? I've tried to stop myself, but apparently my mouth must go in whatever direction my hands are going. I'm sure it's comical to watch. I'll probably never be on TV quilting because of it - it won't be my complete lack of talent, just the mouth think keeping me from being on TV:)

And here's my daughter, shamelessly wanting to be the center of attention:

I let her.

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