Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nothin' but crickets

Despite the quiet on the blog, I've been on quite the sewing binge lately.

The largest is this chevron quilt out of Waterfront Park by Michael Miller and Kona Petunia: 

There are a few different ways to make chevrons, but I chose to cut diamonds. Given my superb organizational skills (eye roll), keeping track of which diamond goes where is the biggest challenge in this quilt. It goes together pretty quickly and there's nothing fussy about getting the seams to meet. 

I'm really sure there will be more quilts out of this pattern in my future. 

I also got a wild hair and went on a pillow making binge: 

Mainly because my scrap bins are overflowing, but also because I wanted to use the scraps from some lines together in a single project. I haven't made the backs yet because I bought invisible zippers and I don't even have the right foot for that. My mad organizational skills at work again. 

If you've been around a while, you might recognize this one as being similar to the front of my purse

I still love the Ghastlies! 

But my crowning achievement during this sewing splurge is this beauty: 

This is my first, but not my last, lattice quilt. I used a jelly roll of Petal by Tanya Whelan and some Kona snow. The quilt is not very large, maybe 48" x 64" and was destined for my ETSY shop. I'm not sure it will make it past the foot of my bed. I just can't stop looking at it! 

My favorite quilts this year have been made out of fabric I bought on a whim, just because it was on sale, and out of patterns I didn't put much thought into - they just seemed easy enough. It's the ones I agonized over and thought would be the most perfect quilt ever that I'm kinda "meh" about. Maybe I should think less...

I'm linking up to Freshly Pieced for her WIP Wednesday.

Edited to add: Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Friday.


  1. LOVE the chevron quilt, and the lattice quilt is drool-worthy.

  2. I adore your lattice quilt! I keep looking at the lattice pattern on my desk, then at the pile of fabric I pulled for it, then at the clock - and wonder why there aren't 32 hours in a day so I could get to it!!!! Yours has re-motivated me...I just love it!

  3. Both quilts are great! I was mid flight with a chevron quilt but decided the bigger diamonds were too much... yours has inspired me to relook at it!

  4. I like both quilts but I admit that I'm with you on the lattice quilt. It's a keeper. The perfect size to curl up with a good book and read.

  5. Yes, that lattice is deliciously good! So so pretty, well done! And the chevron is fantastic too - as are the pillows - great work!