Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And another one

I think the kaleidoscope is my all time favorite pattern.

The back is just stripes again:

Because what started all this was some fabric cut into strips too small for what I needed.

I played with more fancy stitches:

And like this one much better, even if it is pretty time consuming to do.

I like having these pillows, matching but completely different patterns.


  1. I love these - and the back is so pretty too! btw, I follow your blog and hope you don't mind me saying that when I look at it, the background stays still when I scroll and because the sidebar is transparent this makes me feel a bit travelsick! I would have emailed you but your email is not on your profile.

    1. Thanks for the input - I can find how to change any other aspect, but not the transparency of the sidebar. I'll look some more when I have more time, as ridiculous as that statement is.