Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I miss covers

I have always liked being under the blankets. I prefer heavy blankets - the weight of two quilts is just perfect. I've never liked those fluffy, weightless polyester filled types. And my favorite thing to do with them is pull them right up over my head, and then I tuck them around my face so I can breath. Warm ears, cold nose - that's apparently what does it for me.

One of the first things I did upon becoming an adult was to learn to crochet, and for 20 years after I pretty much had a crochet hook in my hand every non-working moment. I made a lot of doilies, but a ton of afghans too, for both babies and adults.

And then three years ago I took up quilting and have made a pretty impressive number of quilts since. So I guess you could say that I've devoted my entire adult non-working life to making covers.

But now I've reached a peculiar stage of life where I can no longer enjoy my covers. In fact, they torment me.

Each night, I will get in bed and pull them up as I've done for the last 47 years, but it's a matter of time until the heat comes. The heat that defies biological science given the temperature of the room. I try to outsmart it - I know it's temporary - so I determine I'll just keep the covers in place and wait it out. You simply can't do this - it's too intense. But I know if I throw all covers completely off, I'll just get cold, so I try to inch the covers down. Just below the shoulder, I decide, is probably the perfect place. The heat disagrees. So, waist-high then. That should do it. NO! Knees? NO! And on we go until the only thing under the covers is the left foot. The heat demands that should go as well.

Fine. I have no covers. I lay there, damp from my own perspiration, under a ceiling fan, in a room about 68 degrees. Now I'm cold. So, I try to outsmart the cold. Just the left foot perhaps? Freezing. Somehow colder. Fine - knee-high, both feet? Nope. Waist-high? PUT SOME COVERS ON ALREADY!! I still try to stop at shoulder high, but it never works - I'm never comfortable until they are in place all the way up to my ears.

And that is when the heat comes back. All. Night. Long.

Maybe I should take up painting now...

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