Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tidy Tuesday

This cleaner-than-it's-been-in-about-a-year kitchen:

Is for nothing. Nothing at all.

It was supposed to have been for a new fridge that was supposed to be delivered today that was supposed to have been factory inspected and ready to operate. Instead, it had a faulty seal and never made it off the truck. With the doors closed, you could see right into the fridge in one spot. Not very efficient.

I'm not so upset over not having a new fridge today - the old one still works, but I'm a bit miffed about the effort I put into getting ready for it. Oh well, I have a clean kitchen.

I probably should have put up a before picture as well like Mandy did in her post, but her mess was super cute Briar Rose fabric and some toy men. My mess was more like "have we ever wiped off these canisters? And when did we last have spaghetti anyway?" Not as cute.


  1. This is a great post! I totally see why you'd be miffed and I'm right there with you on the state of the kitchen.... well, the before state anyway. Why is quilting, even the parts that aren't my favorite always more fun than cleaning?

  2. Ha! You know I chose very carefully which mess I was willing to photograph. Your kitchen looks great!