Friday, February 28, 2014

Who knows when I'll baste again

My daughter was invited to a birthday party a couple of weeks ago at a skating rink. I was there about 5 minutes when I assessed the situation - I could either sit in a chair with nothing to do, but not be rude by looking bored for the duration of the party (similar to looking busy at work when you have nothing to do), or I could see if I could still skate. After all, I was pretty good at it once. 30 years ago, but still - once.

Can you guess which decision I made? From that point on, I very happily sat on my chair and pretend to be mesmerized by the 7-year-olds inching their way around the rink.

So, basting a quilt on the floor has been completely out of the question these last two weeks, and based on the sensation when I accidentally bumped my shin against the toilet (softly, even) this morning, I have no idea when I will get to baste.

The only thing that makes sense in that situation is to make another top, right?

The fabrics are Kensington by Riley Blake and the pattern is Hexagon Garden. I love both. I originally was going to make this for selling, but not only did I fall pretty hard for it during it's construction, the piecing isn't quite accurate enough for selling. I should have starched the jelly roll strips prior to piecing knowing the whole thing is made of triangles. And I should have had the proper triangle ruler instead of just using the 60% mark on my straight ruler. Given those two factors, I'm pretty proud it turned out as well as it did.

This particular section turned out really well. Which is why you're seeing it. Overall, it was a fairly easy pattern. I'm really sure I'll be making it again.

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  1. That's a nasty bruise! I'm sure piecing the top helped ease the pain too, right? The top is beautiful. Hope you feel better quickly.