Saturday, March 3, 2012

My new, old thread clippers

Decades ago, my husband worked for a yarn company here in town. One of the items he saved was this little thread clipper.

It fits in your hand nicely, and is spring loaded to re-open automatically, so it's quicker and more ergonomical than scissors. (Yes, I bite my nails.)

When he gave them to me, I crocheted for a hobby. A hobby wherein you cut your thread about once every 30 minutes, or even once a week if you're working on a thread crochet project. So I smiled nicely, stuck them in a drawer and forgot all about them.

Now that I'm looking at this:

"This" being 104 threads that need to be clipped, I'm pretty glad for them.

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  1. Yes,
    i can't imagine being without mine too. mine of course are not as slick as yours is. i have a couple of those handy little at the sewing machine, one at the ironing board, and another at my second sewing machine.

    there are definite differences in the sharpness of each one. one day i will spoil myself with a real good one.