Friday, March 30, 2012

You would think after getting a brand spankin new machine a week ago that I would have had lots to say this week. Instead, it's been crickets around here. We got some news last week that I've been absorbing. Apparently, I can't sew and absorb at the same time.

I have spent a little bit of time with the machine. Wouldn't want it to think it got all boxed up and shipped for nothing, would we? Mostly on the granny squares out of shirts project:

I have 3 of each block represented, so 30 in all. According to my calculations, I'm a third of the way done with block construction. My plan is to sash them with a light or medium gray. Given the whole nature of this upcycled project, I'd love to find a sheet to do this with, but if not, I'll just pre-wash some Kona. I am really loving this project. I love finding two shirts that complement each other, I love, love, love the way the completed blocks look, individually and with each other.

My favorite so far is this one:

But I plan to hit the thrift stores again this afternoon & see if I can outdo even this.

And, despite my overwhelming list of WIPs, I've cut into Strawberry Fields.

I realize I'm about a year late on the Strawberry Fields craze, but at least I didn't miss it entirely.

I'm making it in this style:

from a tutorial by Don't Call Me Betsy, only I'm using 4" squares rather than 2. It's going to end up a wonderful lap size at about 64" square. My goal is to get all the HSTs made and trimmed this weekend. It should be a quick and easy assembly from there. Except school is out for spring break next week, so that will throw a wrench in everything!

But it sure is a beautiful wrench:


  1. Your granny squares are coming along nicely! The wrench will look pretty in the Stawberry fields fabric. Oh what a cutie pie!

  2. Aw, look at that sweet little girl! And those granny squares are looking great!

  3. Your blocks look great! Love how you are repurposing the shirts. A beautiful little girl too. :o)