Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello world!
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lisa and I'm a quilter. It sounds like at AA greeting, doesn't it? I think being an alcoholic would take up less of my time and money. My good friend, Mandy, introduced me to quilting around March of this year and I have been nothing short of obsessed every since.
I say 'introduced' because she gave me some tips, and directed me to some blogs, that made me think I could do it, but I've always had an interest in quilting. I did make one quilt out of different shades of denim about 10 years ago. I loved that quilt to death. Literally. I ended up having to throw it away due to it just plain being worn out. But I loved the way it felt and looked and I was so pleased to have made it myself. But then I tried something more complicated with no instruction from anyone and ended up giving up for a while.
Which is the point of me starting a blog. Since virtually all of my learning has been done this year, I'm hoping I can share what I've learned with you and keep the next person from giving up for 10 years before trying it again. And, yes, there are lots of instructional blogs out there - I didn't say it was a unique reason.
Hopefully, tomorrow I can share pics of two quilts I've recently completed and also what I learned during the process of each.


  1. So glad you've started quilting! You motivate me (through shame) with your drive for it!

  2. having a blog is so much fun. reading them is my favorite thing on mornings while the rest of the family is still sleeping.