Thursday, December 8, 2011

The leftovers

I really don't like the use of the word 'scraps' for the pieces of material leftover from making a quilt. I was planning this wall hanging:

as a Christmas gift for a friend, but struggled with the idea that I wasn't spending any money on it - that I was just using 'scraps.' Well, I paid the same amount of money for those scraps that I did for the fabric that went into my mother-in-law's quilt.

I decided to get over it.

The center panel is what is called an origami bow tie, or some people say 3D bow tie. I didn't keep the link to the tutorial I used - sorry - but there are several out there. Here's a close up of the blocks for the center panel:

Each block is 4" finished, so I was working with little 2 1/2" squares. It's probably a little hard to see as they are ironed down, but those center squares are not flat - the seam line is under them and you can lift the edges up all around. Fun little block, but I wouldn't want to make a whole quilt out of them. Finicky little things.

I had enough of the tossed print fabric for the back, except for a small strip of pink that is mostly covered by the hanging sleeve:

I did the binding completely by machine, which is not my preferred method, mainly because I never feel like I get it as neat as I can by hand, but it certainly is quicker.

This wall hanging measures 24" x 40". I think it's going to be well received.

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