Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On December the 10th, I did something pretty stupid. Even for me.

I committed to a whole quilt as a Christmas present.

Something about me that surprises people to learn is that I'm into 80's metal music. Love it! If it weren't for my 4 year old daughter, I'd be cranking me some AC/DC and Guns N Roses every time I clean, and singing every single word (even the bad ones). I like Country music, and I love Contemporary Christian music on many levels, but nothing gets my juices pumping like good 80's metal. When my step-son was in his teens, I introduced him to this genre and, to my delight, he loved it as much as I do. Christmas from then on included CDs and other items, from both of us.

So I saw this fabric:

And immediately thought of him. He plays base guitar for a small band, and I think the font is reminiscent of AC/DC.

And then I saw this:

And of course thought about Guns N Roses. The two best groups out there.

It had to happen. The fabric has decided.

Unfortunately, this is going to delay me from working on this:

And this:

And even this (the hardest to set aside):

All of which has given me a nervous twitch, but it's only 2 weeks, right?

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