Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My decision is made

My next project will be to cut these

to go with this

for this little girl.

I saw Happy Flowers by Donna Dewberry for the first time on Etsy and it was already out of print when I saw it. Panicking, I snatched up a half yard bundle in both green and yellow. Then I went back and snatched up half yard bundles in blue and pink. And finally a yard bundle in purple and a panel. Wow. The next thing I knew, I had 11 yards of this stuff with no good idea of how to put it together. In case you aren't recognizing the theme, I agonize over patterns excessively. The only thing I knew was that I wanted the large flowers on the dot background to be fussy cut. They were too cute to not be made focus.

A couple of months ago I saw this pattern

 in this magazine

 and knew I had my pattern. It's basically a cross between a kaleidescope and a dresden - it goes together like a kaleidescope, but has a center applique like a dresden. Only the center applique is an octagon, which is more interesting to me.

Here's a copy of their finished quilt to help you visualize the pattern.

I have some purple purchased for the quarter squares that come together to form the squares you see in a mustardy brown. It's a bit lighter than the pink & blue I have chosen, and I'm not quite sure about it yet.

I've also promised her a flannel backing on this quilt. Not only does it just plain feel wonderful, but she's still young enough that she has trouble keeping her covers on her at night. I'm thinking a flannel back will help with that.

I haven't gotten very far on this one, so if I stay with it until it's done, it will be a while before I have another quilt finish. Staying with it isn't very likely though as I suffer from quilters ADD like nobody's business. Part of that is by necessity as my sewing machine is right next to my daughter's room, so I do the noisy business of sewing while she is awake and do my cutting & ironing while she is asleep. If I don't have any cutting or ironing to do on one project, I just start another. I also have 2 projects very near completion and I'm not sure I can put off completing them until this one is done. I'll probably bounce around the three projects, getting them all done within weeks of each other like I did the last group of quilts.

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