Monday, January 16, 2012

Slowly working our way out

The stomach virus has slowly hit every member of our family, which I guess is better than hitting all of us at once. But now I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed at the task before me, that of getting my house back in order. Why is it that you neglect it for one little week, but create a month's worth of work for yourself?

I did find a little sewing time. Why is finding sewing time easier than finding housework time:) Nevermind, don't answer.

I've been working on my string X blocks a little. Some of them are lining up perfectly and representing themselves as exactly what I wanted from this quilt.

Some of them are not.

That strip of pomegranate Kona was only 1" to start with, so it's only 1/2" finished. This has proved itself to be a very fussy, tedious block. The thin strip of Kona is what is causing the most difficulties, but it's also what makes the design striking. I should have enough extra blocks to just not use the worst offenders, and it is going to be so very pretty when I get done.

Isn't that gorgeous?

I've also spent some time with the double hourglass blocks.

In contrast, these have snapped together almost effortlessly. I've been amazed how how the seams line up on each and every block. I have all but one of these done. Yes, one. In very atypical fashion, I just sewed a bunch of blocks and then decided how to lay them out. I'm usually much more anal than that.

Despite my utter lack of energy, and utter lack of funds, new project bug has hit me pretty hard. Maybe it was because I didn't have the energy to really tackle a current project, but I spent almost all of yesterday either wishing I was at a fabric store, or browsing fabric online. So far, I've managed to resist. We'll see how long I hold out.

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  1. Love the way your blocks are turning out! Glad you are all feeling better. I ALWAYS find time to sew but the dishes just have to wait.