Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'll take a yard of everything, please

Is it just me, or do you go through stages of being very greedy about fabric? I've been in this stage for a couple of weeks now, and despite exerting tremendous restraint, I've still managed to bring in over 14 yards. Some was on the red tag clearance table at Joanns, so I don't feel badly about that at all. And try as I might, I can't feel badly about this either:

The large floral is the same fabric I used in the back of the twin quilts. Today I noticed those lovely crosses had all the same colors, and then I found the other two prints and the stripe and an idea was born. An idea for a lovely, if somewhat superfluous, quilt. A lap quilt for my daughter. She has a lap quilt, of course, but we've been keeping it in the car for those cold mornings, leaving her with nothing small enough to carry around the house (except for the 3 crocheted and 1 knitted afghans. I'm a quilter now and afghans don't count).

Coinciding with this, is Twin Fibers latest finish of a strip quilt. It's becoming a pattern that I want to copy EVERY THING SHE DOES. I'm not a stalker, I promise. I just love everything I see on her blog and want to do it for myself. There are quite a few bright & happy Kona solids that will go perfectly with this, so I think I want to do exactly what she did, assuming I can find some ric rac I like. The word fabric on the left is set aside for the back, I think.

When I showed the fabrics to my daughter, she gave me a big hug & told me it was the best thing a girl could get. She's very expressive.

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