Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Can we get along?

What are your thoughts? Can the pink and red co-exist peacefully in this quilt?

I only have to attach & hand sew the binding on the pink twin quilt and then it will be done, freeing me up to work on this. I have since changed my mind (not an uncommon thing) back to the concentric squares I first decided upon when I bought the fabric. I think I'm going to reserve the stripe on the far left for the binding only. Then I think the rich solids (and the green almost solid) will be in sharp contrast with the rest of the light patterns. I think it will be very striking out of this pattern, except I have since discovered a stack and whack method that will not only shave hours of cutting time, but will also enable me to easily put the center square in different positions - it won't be quite so symetrical. Which normally I insist upon, but this being so very bright and for such a young girl, I think I like the idea of that center square being all different sizes & in all different places within the larger square.

It was never my intent to stall quite so badly on the string X quilt, but when I realized it wasn't going to be a quick and easy finish, despite the fact that I only need to assemble the top - I think I got a little discouraged. I've spent soooo many hours on it already. I think we need a break from each other.

And after I get this little lap quilt made, I have a very special friend still waiting on a Christmas present. I started to whip up a wall hanging in December, but that wasn't really what I wanted to do. I'm going to take my time and if it's not done until July, well then, it will be a birthday present.

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