Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My new cutter

My 25-year-old rotary cutter broke the other day.

Sheesh - don't they make ANYTHING durable anymore? I'm totally joking, because who expects something plastic to last for 25 years? Anyway, I went to push the button that retracts the blade and the only thing that happened was the button falling onto the cutting surface. So now it's a safety hazard since I can't retract it. I know what you're thinking - the 4-year-old that lives here, right? But no, she knows enough to stay away from sharp things - it's me I'm worried about.

My first thought was just to run down to Hobby Lobby & decide between another Fiskars or an Olfa, but then I remembered something in an ad I'd seen one time - something about a ruler with a track so the cutter can't vere.

So looky what the postman brought me today:

I am so looking foward to getting these out tonight!


  1. wow 25 years, that's amazing!!!
    i changed my cutter brand name, and had nothing but wrist pain...... so i went back to using the older ones. hopefully that doesn't happen to you and your wrist!!!


  2. Oh wow - I hope it isn't the case for me either. I do so much typing in my day job, that I was really excited about the ergonomic design.