Friday, June 29, 2012

Good Life

I made a table runner yesterday using Good Life by Robert Kaufman.

And I bound it twice. I once again fell for the "I can do this and it will be much quicker" lie regarding machine binding. I can't do it, and it's not quicker since I ALWAYS rip it out & re-do it.

It looked fine on the front:

But despite pinning excessively, it still looked wobbly on the back, and the corners didn't even catch:

Stupid to even try, since I actually enjoy hand sewing the binding. And I love the way it looks - I love getting those corners just so:

Even if I can't photograph them well. ???

I love the backing fabric for this:

Overall, a very fun project

And it's in my shop, if you're interested.

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  1. Very pretty. Machine binding frustrates me too!

  2. What a darling table runner! I haven't tried machine quilting a binding because I am afraid I will run into the same problems that you had : ( I see others and think, oh that must be a fast way, but I am a bit afraid to try, and like you, I do enjoy the hand sewing.

  3. I am the opposite... I've always done binding by machine and hand stitching frightens me, I always worry it won't hold up. But it looks SO much better when it is hand stitched. You do great work!

  4. Hand binding rules! Glad to see others who enjoy the slowed down, exactness of hand stitching!