Thursday, June 28, 2012

No sewing. At all. All week.

My daughter turned 5 last weekend.

Do you like the dress? She liked it so well that she refused to take it off in order to participate in the water games I'd set up. She sat on her Granny's lap, content as could be to just watch the other kids play. What a diva.

Anyway, cleaning for, shopping for, cooking for, and hosting this event took my whole weekend - my usual prime sewing time.

And cutting into Aster Manor has taken all of my evenings this week. I haven't even gotten my sewing machine out at all.

I read on Moma Love Quilts that paper plates were a good way to keep your block sections separated. What a brilliant idea!

I loved Tracy's quilt so much that I've decided to go with the same pattern for myself. I'm a little nervous over how it will turn out 'scrappy' style, and with a print background. We'll see I guess.

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