Monday, June 18, 2012

My very first

But probably not my last.

Camille at Simplify decided to de-stash some. I decided to help her out. The timing of her decision, right after I'd made several things to sell, made it an easy decision indeed. So nice to buy quality fabric, at a discount, and totally guilt free since I'd earned the money outside of our regular family budget.

The line is Aster Manor from Fig Tree. My work with Strawberry Fields left me with the impression that I'd be happy to work with any Fig Tree line. First glance of this line is only reinforcing that impression. The browns are so rich, the pinks so soft - somehow, she makes tan a color you WANT in your quilt. I haven't even opened the bundle. As much as I want to spread out & inspect each piece, I just want to enjoy the completeness of my first bundle just a while longer:)

She also had some yardage of a couple of prints. I had to think about this, because frankly the prints she had just didn't appeal to me. But after thinking about the patterns I'd probably make with it, I decided some yardage would be a good thing and chose the one I liked better.

I wish photographing fabrics was easier, because I can't believe I ever hesitated. And so glad I got over it.

To sweeten the deal, she gave away a free pattern to anyone who made a fabric purchase. Twist my arm, why don't ya? I considered Swoon, Flower Girl, and Hopscotch, but Hopscotch won out.

This won't be the pattern I use for Aster Manor - it's just the pattern I wanted the most.

Actual sewing time is still pretty scarce around here. I did find a mothers-day-out program giving me two days to work (at my day job) in peace, but that still leaves me two days to try to juggle working and child entertaining. She so should have had siblings.

Edited to add: Aster Manor is by 3 Sisters, not Fig Tree. Ooops! Awesome designers, both.

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  1. I love this collection of fabrics! It makes me think of everything I love about BBC dramas, my grandmother's antique shops, and chocolate. An odd assortment, no? I hope you enjoy your first bundle! Un-wrapping it is always the toughest part!