Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A new type of hooded towel

Another friend is wanting to give hooded towels as a shower gift. I saw this tutorial a little while back and remembered it instantly. I'm really happy with my first attempt.

This doll is a little bigger than newborn size, so the towel is a perfect size in my opinion. should last the first year, maybe even 2.

Even if the only model in my house (my daughter) had been small enough, she probably would have been just as dirty, so....

Anyway, in the process of making this, I realized I was having a burp-sized rectangle of towel waste. So I grabbed a couple of bowls and did this:

I lined it with flannel just to be sure.

When I lay it across my shoulder, it fits perfectly. I love this shape - giving extra coverage on the front & back, but narrow enough on the shoulder that it's not constantly wanting to slip off. That's quite aggravating when spit up is coming your way, if I remember correctly. I've tried to block most of that out.

I think these will make great shower gifts!

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