Friday, May 11, 2012

The Mystery Quilt Revealed

Ok, so here's the deal: You be my friend for about 25 years, listen to me whine every time any little thing doesn't go quite my way (because I'm quite the Diva), put up with me forgetting your birthday each and every year, and then I'll make you a quilt.

Yeah, we're totally even now.

You might recognize this fabric from a pillowcase I made for myself earlier this year, but it looks so much better in this, don't you think?

The pattern is called Victorian Romance, by Lyn Brown, and was in the Dec/Jan 2012 issue of Quilt. I will make this again. This is hands down the prettiest quilt I've made so far, and the biggest part of it is this pattern. But, I do need to perfect my flying geese technique. Mine were a little wonky.

Since my friend lives in Maine, flannel backing was a must. Most of it is a floral, but there are a couple small pieces of a green swirl (that I actually like better).

I straigh(ish) line quilted it an inch (give or take) apart. I got almost half-way thru when I realized my lines were starting to curve.

I set the whole thing aside for about a week, completely disgusted with the choice of pulling all that stitching out & finding a better way to keep my lines straight, or keep going and risk the quilting ruining the whole quilt. When I pulled it back out, determined to make the decision and go forward one way or the other, I decided that little bit of curve didn't make one bit of difference. I wanted all over quilting and the texture of straight line quilting, and that's what I had. So I kept going and I'm very glad I did.

My friend Mandy was over the day I finished the quilting, so she got to experience a couple of hours of me groaning and complaining about shoving the whole thing thru the throat of my machine, lifting the weight of it over my shoulder, dealing with the guide on my walking foot as it shifted. I got done, laid it out on the living room floor & she asked "are you ever going to quilt straight lines again". "Oh, yeah!" I said immediately. Love it!

I like it when quilts pretend to be sausages, don't you?

Happy Mother's Day Tracy!!!

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  1. What a wonderful gift, and your quilting looks great too!
    It is a beauty : )