Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When you don't feel like doing much else

you can still muster the energy to bind a small quilt.

A cold has hit our house, and if you're the mother of a pre-schooler you can appreciate this - it's been 2 weeks since we were last sick, so it's time. I've gotten sick more since my daughter was born than the rest of my life combined.

I started out the day wanting to baste her quilt, but just never got the energy. So I sat and bound the little bug quilt instead.

I think the whole quilt turned out very nice. I used a pre-packaged batting that turned out to be a good bit lighter in weight than warm and natural, my usual. Sometimes, a light weight blanket is just what you need.

And I always love seeing the quilting lines on the back, don't you?

It's for sale in my shop.

Still not wanting to baste a quilt (never a favorite, is it?), but wanting to do a little something else, I decided to replace this:

Yes, my dog has been at it again. This is the first time she's gotten a pillow, or any part of one, and I'm just glad she only got the pillow case. Currently, there is nothing on my couch at all and I don't see a time in the forseeable future when there will be.

I love making pillowcases, though. Such a quick and satisfying project.

I picked up these fabrics at Hobby Lobby, specifically for this project, and I am so glad I did! The roses are so very pretty, and the fabrics themselves are so very nice. They did not feel at all like 'standard' quilting fabrics, much more like designer quality.

As soon as I got the last stitch in, and every since, I've just been searching for justification to go buy more.

Edited to add: Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for her Finish it Up Friday. I think she should change her name to Quilt Rescue, don't you? I shouldn't pretend to know her character, but I think it says something that someone who can make such beautiful quilts out of the most modern, delightful fabrics available not only takes the time to finish someone else's project, but finds a regular, loving use for it.


  1. I agree, you need to think of a reason to go buy more of that gorgeous fabric : ) Your straight-line quilting is great!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!! That little strippy quilt is cute. I love the striped binding!