Thursday, February 9, 2012

I haven't been completely forthcoming about my WIP's. For one thing, this is different from your standard WIP, and for another I'm embarassed.

You see, I have a dog that likes to chew on quilts. (Since this quilt was made, I have gotten my machine serviced and those horrible tension issues fixed.)

Why does that little spot of damage embarass me? It doesn't.

It's this one that embarasses me:

And this one:

 And this:

Here's another - not sure why the color is so off balance:

 And - oh my - did I accidently wash the stupid thing in beef broth?

So what we have here is a beautiful new quilt completely in tatters because I'm too lazy to pick it up off the couch when I'm done.

Here are some pics taken before the damage:

Beautiful quilt. My husband just wants me to patch it, but I love it and I'm determined to take it apart, remove the damaged pieces, and put it back together someday. Someday. The only good news in all this is it's bigger than I want it to be anyway - I made it for my couch but didn't realize how far my prints would stretch in this pattern and it ended up being 72" x 90". It can easily stand to have a row shaved off both the width & length.

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