Monday, February 6, 2012

There you have it

The reason I'm selling quilts. The short answer, obviously, is that we need some extra money. For crap like this - mangled, broken glasses. The long answer is a combination of a girl named Mandy, a remodeled house, a poor economy, and the year 2010. The first three served to put us in a no-reserves-left situation and the last one just about killed us. The last one being a year in which I was unemployed more than I was employed and my husband was under-employed. Despite both of us working steadily all of 2011, we just haven't quite caught up. Because life just keeps happening.

I'm not saying a bit of this in a whiny, poor-me tone of voice. After 2010, I don't think I could possibly whine about about money again. Not as long as it's still coming in week after week. My husband and I are both pretty frugal and pretty industrious. Which is why Pieces of Cotton was born. If the money we have isn't quite covering it, well then, we'll just have to make more.

In happier news, I have a stack of blocks ready to be assembled into a quilt.

  I could be all coy & say this is a sneak peak or something, but that's not really my style. What this is is a carefully paired stack of fabrics waiting to be pieced, and I don't dare rearrange them for a better picture or I'll never get them back in order again. So, this is all you get to see right now. Sorry.

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