Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I love it when things go together as planned

This is my daughter's newest lap quilt, or it will be when I actually quilt it.

Some close-ups of the prints:

And then there is the word print that I probably should have just saved for the back. Not my favorite.

I wish I could remember on which blog I saw the tutorial for these blocks. It was soooo easy! You start with squares - mine were 8 1/2 & they used a layer cake - you layer 2 prints & 2 solids, cut the stack of 4 into 3 pieces vertically, then cut the center strip into 3 pieces horizontally, rearrange the center square so that the solid squares have a print center and vice versa, and then sew it all back together. You'll have to trim the top & bottom of the squares when you're done, but it was so much easier than how I cut out and sewed SD1. And it allowed for as much variation as you wanted in the style of the blocks. I'll definately do this one again.

I had previously said I wasn't going to use the striped fabric in the blocks, only in the binding, but as you can see, I did use it for 2 blocks. I ran out of fabric and it was either use that, or have a smaller quilt and pretty much waste 4 blocks. I think it looks ok, but I do think it would have overpowered a bit if I'd used much more of it.

I had said my next quilt was going to be for my friend, but look what I found in the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby:

Aren't those bugs adorable! The yellow is Kona Canary, and there's 60" of it! At half price. I know - I'm a dork.

But look what I just happen to have leftover from other quilts:

Kona black, red and lagoon. And look what I just happened to find at Hancocks in the clearance stack for just $2 a yard:

I couldn't have picked out a better binding if I'd tried. So, I think I'm going to have to whip all this into a quickie strip quilt first. It's too cute, and it will be a quick and very satisfying project.

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